04 June 2010

Two signs of summer - chicken salad and tennis.

So - tennis is a big theme today. My Olivia and her pal, Olivia, walked to the club -tennis rackets in hand - though got there in time to sit out due to thunder and lightening (oooo..... another sign of summer, eh?). And... have you been watching the French Open? I have - rather enjoy it - marvel at that clay. I caught the Nadal / Melzer match today (Nadal took it). Fun to watch (whilst organizing piles of clothes for Good Will :-). And.... to round out the tennis theme, my three guys played tennis on the Wii for a bit before dinner (Lil was pretty impressive playing lacrosse with big sis today too - for a two year old ;-).

So - light dinner tonight (after the Wii and tennis) - Made some chicken salad. I really like egg salads, chicken salads, pasta, tuna - whatever, so.... experiment a lot. This one worked tonight: Used a couple leftover chicken breasts that we grilled the other night (marinated in lemon, olive oil, garlic, cilantro, salt and pepper - another experiment of mine that paid off :-). I chopped the chicken and added the following to taste: drizzle of balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, finely chopped white onion, finely chopped English cucumber, pepper, mayo - really good.

Hmmm... another sign of summer is that the Race Around the Square in my hood (Edgewood / Regent Sq. area) is registering families and individuals right now. Doesn't take place until August, but... a good time to get in on it (while we're thinking of it, right?).

And, finally, photo: My Olivia had been perusing these old ski photos from two years ago, and... I love them all (sooo much fun that trip!), but... grabbed one quickly because I like how calm Lil is - how animated Milo is (as usual ;-), and... how I appear to have SUCH a loving gaze for my two youngests... I may post more of these in the next few days - like all that fog and evergreen behind us :-).

Oh - and DON'T FORGET! Check out Callapitter and That's Church (see my blog list) for updates on Kate and Peter's Treehouse. The meeting is Monday night - 7 pm in the Wilkins School Building off of Braddock...


Facie said...

We tend to grill too much chicken and then when we reheat later, bleh. I forgot about chicken salad, and yours sounds good.

I ran the Run Around the Square once in 2002, I think (I still wear the shirt around the house). If August is anything like June has been, I don't think I will be able to handle the run.

What I remember most about it was someone in the woods handing out little shot glasses of beer. I thought that was cool, so of course I took one.

Sherri said...

Yeah- we get stuck in the chicken rut too.

I was thinking of doing the 1.5 race with the kids, but... may now do the 5 K if they're handing out beer in the woods (when does THAT ever happen, right?). But.... yeah - the humidity is killing me.