10 February 2009

My Dad

Today, I'm remembering my Dad. It was three years ago today that he died. Right now, it's all sadness - even the happy memories make me cry. I'm thinking of my family, and I'm thinking of others who have lost loved ones.

01 February 2009

Steeler Legacy

Ok - so the Steelers are in the Super Bowl again. I come from a long line of Steelers fans - often made to defend themselves in not so friendly territory. My family has lived in several different places - even overseas - and always maintained a loyalty to the Steelers. Oddly, I married a Steelers fan too - and am, now, raising Steelers fans. I am not a huge football fan, but I am told that, as a baby, watched endless games on my Dad's lap. My poor Dad died a week after the Steelers won the Super Bowl three years ago. He had pancreatic cancer and was suffering. I'm so glad he got to see them win, but I wish he wasn't so sick watching the game. In his memory and with that enthusiastic spirit he had, I am watching the game, having people over, making "football-friendly" food - have all my kids decked out in Steelers gear - even have on the Steelers shirt my Mom and Dad gave me for Christmas three years ago - I'm sure so I could wear it while I watched the game. I watched alone three years ago - with a pretty heavy heart. This year, I'm going to be surrounded by family, and I'm going to be happy. I loved my Dad so much, and I miss him. Go Steelers!