21 June 2010

End of the day.

One kid in shower - two in the bathtub - one at sports boot camp. Everyone fed. I'm not showered (or fed). Preparing movie and popcorn now after a long day out in the sun. Pool, tennis, running around with friends, riding bikes. What a day. Play date tomorrow plus the swim team, tennis drill in the am. Plan to squeeze in a workout. All good. What IS for dinner tonight anyway? Hubby on his way home.....

Keep in mind, I write this amid chaos. As we left this morning, we only got a portion of the breakfast dishes done - the kids pajamas hang on the banister - discarded tennis rackets litter the foyer - Lilliana brings every single toy from her bedroom down the stairs and... well... wherever she put them, that's where they stayed - I kicked my own flip flops off under my desk earlier as I bolted out of the house - the video camera that I was looking at (my b-day gift) is dismantled on my desk (I had 5 min. to look at it this am) - in the midst of looking for Enzo's school tennis medal (he was asking - horrified, I realized I did NOT know where it was), I rummaged through all the "filed" school papers in the dining room, creating a horrible mess (not to mention the piles of new high school forms and kindergarten stuff for the fall already lying there)... Basically, where it all sat this morning, it still sits. When the kids get home from the pool or school or whatever - they bolt 9,000 mph out the door looking for friends, a bike to ride, a walk to take, a bug to examine, and... I am, of course, right behind them.... Nothing gets done, but... well... the bugs, the walk, etc.

Happy evening hours, all!

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