22 June 2010

I admit it; I did ask for rain today.

And here it is. My rain dance worked. My house takes on a cozy feel when it is dark and stormy outside. The girls are sleeping in - the boys are eating french toast and watching movies (though it looks clear enough to make it to tennis....).

Yesterday, I just had enough of sitting alone again while my kids refused to go in the "big pool" (odd - because Milo did SO well in swim class and Enzo had his friends). Plus - poor Lil kept trying to play with some bigger girls who were ignoring her AND Olivia was occupied by her school buddy's mom who wanted her to watch her little ones. I am often left to my own devices. Anyway, got some sun .... the kids got some exercise (my turn for gym today).

You would think today's anemic post would produce some retail recommendations - or things to do this week - I mean the least I could do, right? But, alas, no - Milo already needs to be dressed and wants more to drink - Enzo needs the movie switched and is drinking my coffee... I hear Lilliana stirring...All good, but... my day beckons.

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