24 June 2010


Random today. Try to follow.... I'm all over the place (keeping up with chaotic schedule today... but playdate got canceled :-(. Looks like rain, rain, rain....

Anyway... was passively listening to this interview with Au Revoir Simone on my Sirius radio, and one of the girls in the band mentioned her pregnancy / mommy blog at "trying to be barefoot and pregnant" a Wordpress blog, but I couldn't find it - at all. It sounded a bit interesting - working mommy trying to deal with people who want her to quit her music BUT staying on tour and dealing with it all, and... sometimes... wanting less. Ya know? What we all bitch and / or get happy about... in a nutshell. Anyway - will keep looking.

Also, have not kept up with Gwyneth Paltrow at Goop lately (and you know I love to).

Anyone see Top Chef last night? I have no comments yet - still getting to know this group.

I just heard that Italy is OUT of the World Cup. Yikes. I was wrong yesterday, btw - US plays Ghana on Sat. (not Fri).

Anyway ... Enzo had last tennis lesson today and did GREAT (Pioneer Camp starts Monday) - Milo swims for last time tomorrow and also has been doing GREAT (and gymnastics camp starts Mon) - Lil has her check-up today (to this day, even though I am no longer a "new mommy", I love the reassurance of the well check-up) - Olivia swims tonight (after "boot camp" with pals, Caroline and Olivia B) so go Edgewood Eels!

Big time project today? Trying to figure out how to unlock the downstairs bathroom door behind which all the new diapers, pull-ups and bathroom cleaning agents reside. Lilliana has learned to lock things. Thankfully, she is on this side of the door. Paper clip has not worked yet - plus the hardware has already been removed from the doorknob on this side...... so.... what the hell is holding it onto the other side? A mystery.... Any suggestions?

Photos: More summer kids :-) 2010.

Happy, happy!!!

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Facie said...

Which beach? I so wanna go back to the beach. I really had not missed it all these years, and then we went last year, after a nine-year hiatus, and I have been longing to go back ever since.

Good luck with the lock. Yesterday, Jordan thought she was being funny and locked our back door while I was outside getting some peas. But then she could not unlock it. She cried and I panicked, knowing my husband was hours away. Fortunately J was more rational than I and told me to go to the front door (duh!) which she could unlock.