02 June 2010


What can I say? I LOVED my years in gymnastics, and... I'm really not bragging, but... I was GOOD (I'm really not - it's just taken me years to realize how advanced I was - since I was surrounded by others as good or better than I was, and... I was always hard on myself). Anyway, I miss it, and I really like going with Milo, Lil, etc. (Enzo and Olivia used to take class too); fun to commiserate with the teachers (as fellow gymnasts) and feels good to be "coaching" my little ones (I used to coach too). So... I will miss the "mommy and me" classes, but I do want my kids to advance.

Today, my talented Milo was all energy, as usual (coming off a great week of swimming - he's swimming around underwater, using his arms, enjoying the pool - just like Olivia did at that age -gotta get Enzo and Lil on board :-), and... today was the day he could bring a guest, so... I had Lil do a make-up class - and Enzo was guest. It worked out so well. Enzo did great! He is now begging for a gymnastics camp in the summer. He went off on his own -listened to Miss Beth - really had a good time. He is my cautious boy. He is warming to team sports like baseball, soccer, etc., but... he is still one of those kids who wants to learn the appropriate steps - then... execute whatever he's learned. I think gymnastics may be good for him.

So we left with all of our certificates. Milo was so sweet, showing Enzo where to put his shoes, what the certificate says, how you get a stamp at the end (he even sat quietly at each event, waiting for instruction while Enzo was with him - usually he needs me or runs around :-), etc. He put his arm around his big brother - told him what to do, and... of course.... Lil followed right along....

Ok - so off to a volunteer lunch now. Herb planting later. Good Will bag packing a bit later. Might grill tonight. Uneventful, and... that's kinda how I want it today.

Photo: Milo, of course. Seemed appropriate to include a photo of someone on his / her head (gymnastics post and all :-).

And, lastly, Real Simple has some good summer recipes. Cruise around here a bit; see what you like.

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