20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hope everyone has some fun plans today. I, of course, have some festivities, homemade cards and gifts for my hubby (in the midst of making french toast with fruit and tofutti banana milkshakes now - will be nice day to sit on the deck) - and I'm thinking of my Dad today. I was born on Father's Day (though not adopted until weeks later), but... it was often a day Dad and I shared :-). Anyway... so it IS my birthday as well.... should be fun.

By the way - Toy Story 3 is so good! We saw it last night - all kids in tow (though Olivia sat with her friends - all middle and high schoolers who also went - I guess we're all a little sentimental about the Toy Story series). Anyway, it it a beautifully done movie - hilarious - a little sad in parts :-) - happy - just great. Everyone in the theater applauded when it ended.

Italy and New Zealand play in the World Cup today. Maybe Italy (the "mother country" :-) will win today in both Big Daddy M's and my honor (b-day and father's day ;-).

So ... peaceful, happy wishes to everyone!

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Sue said...

I'm sending you best wishes for a happy birthday, surrounded by your amazing family.
And happy memories of your Dad on this father's day...