16 June 2010

Top Chef - top workout - and top swimmer

So ... tonight is the premiere of Top Chef DC - Bravo - 9 pm this season.

Worked out tonight at my new gym - yippee!

And... Olivia shaved 5 seconds off her time trials 50m freestyle time at the swim meet last night. Go, Olivia!

And... in a nod to hubby... World Cup news.... Spain lost their first game to Switzerland. Shocking :-).


Mendy said...

How's Top Chef looking this season? Might have to drop by next time. Although you could just come over here and we could run open commentary on "my chef" (weird). I'm sure she would love our feedback. Maybe we could time her.....or hide her ingredients....

Sherri said...

I never know how I feel about the people until a couple of shows in.... This group seems more varied - some self-taught people, caterers, etc. Anyway, I almost asked you over -then... got behind... then had unexpected family guests show up as we were cleaning up dinner and trying to get the kids bathed and to bed, so... we ended up having to tape it - watched it late night. We should have a weekly Top Chef party - on at 9pm now.

I bet your chef would kick us out in a sec - with comments from "what IS that vegetable exactly anyway?" to "Can we taste it yet?".... might be annoying ;-).