09 June 2010

More for my list...

Or - I suppose I could call it another "random" post, but... if I do that, I may be tempted to do that ALL the time, and it would just get weird. So ... a couple more things....

First - again, thank you so much, all my friends and acquaintances. I'll say it again - I know some VERY cool people. I would like, one day, to have a sharing forum, so we could all tell our stories - vent, connect, etc. I'm getting there. And... I know I've said that before too, but... I AM - getting there, that is.

Second - another reminder to hug and cherish your kids everyday. I am quite heavy-handed in these reminders. No apologies - just an admission ;-). Anyway, this poor little boy in Oregon... where could he be? What happened? Tragic all around. Please read and pray.

Third - I am sitting in silence right now. I love it. No kids yelling (the boys love their room - Olivia skipped swim team due to rain - and Lil up coughing last night, so... still asleep - crazy) - no TV - no music (though, this morning, I drove my van to the body shop - hubby following me - we are finally getting much needed repairs from winter made - and... I was listening to music - always iPod or satellite radio - and I thought I was having a prolonged '80's flashback, having just heard the Replacements, but... it was a band / person called Fever Ray and the song was Triangle Walls - tres retro - liked it).

Fourth - Speaking of music and bands, the National and Broken Social Scene - ALL coming to Pitt soon. Details later :-).

Fifth - The photos. This is, apparently, what my 8th grader and her pals do when alone in her room. The rumpled body in the bed is my daughter - the girl in the foreground (valued friend, Kelly) has just woken her and is already skypeing or hitting Facebook. Note how the one photo shows her holding my Olivia's head - in the distance - between her fingers. Classic. Love the three faces - Kelly, Olivia, Olivia B - I've posted these crazy beauties before - great friends.

OK - and this is not another "thing" because it is not actually on my list - but, rather, on Design Mom's (see my blog list) for Next clothing - a UK line - women, kids, low shipping - worth a look....

Gotta go anyway - Milo just brought down a sword that was, apparently, damaged in battle with Enzo, so..... taped it together, but... may need to monitor the situation...;-).

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