29 June 2010

Casting Call!

Taylor Lautner of Twilight fame is here in Pitt to film his movie Abduction (I am, after all, the mother of a teen - of course I know where he is). Open casting call tomorrow.

On ... and in other teen news ... Justin Bieber is coming to Pittsburgh in December (we covered him in a previous post).

And... in a predictable food show recommendation from boring stay at home TMS (that would be "trendy mom sherri" :-), hubby and I also watch Hell's Kitchen - tonight at 8 pm on Fox - watch at your own risk... it is Chef Gordan Ramsay, so the swearing can get annoying - even for those fairly immune to it, like me.

And... now that I have your attention with my cheesey headline, please take a minute to keep the family of the jogger who was hit and killed in Mt. Lebanon in your thoughts. Lisa Styles died today of a head injury (accident yesterday), and her 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter will now never know their mommy - not to mention the fact that her life was cut short and her friends and family are surely devastated (AND the kids were hit too - the double stroller ended up in the middle of the road! They could have been killed or injured too). I'm sure the 3 year old will be horribly traumatized for a while. It's just such a crushing story. One minute out and about doing your daily routine with your kids by your side, and... the next.... everything is changed - gone - because of one careless person. So... please stay safe - watch yourselves and your kids and anyone else around these busy summer roads - near the water, etc. Spread the word. Disaster just takes and instant.

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