04 June 2010

I know; I said I'd stay off today.

But zulily has some deals on Blue Canoe yoga wear, so check that out. Also, my daughter tells me that Sephora will be doing free makeovers this week (I guess check location before you go). And - when Dennis Hopper died, I forgot to say a little word about him. It's short... Basically, I liked him. I admired his talents and interests - writer, art collector, artist, actor, etc. I know he didn't always make the best personal choices, but every time I heard him interviewed, he was honest - unbelievably honest. Anyway, the world misses people like that. RIP.

Milo is back to his old self today - thankfully :-).

Photo: Milo helped me make Easter baskets for the cousins this year.... then wanted to photograph them :-). A Milo moment / memory for sure (in honor of his restored energetic self).

AND... constant reminders from Enzo thus far this summer (well - almost summer) NOT to waste water. A good thing. I'm glad he's retaining some of the environmental tips he learns at school, and I guess we should heed his warnings :-).

Oh - and I desperately need a new video camera. Any suggestions? Seriously - I've had a couple bad ones - the thought of losing more footage and / or having it break on a vacation keeps me up at night. So... I will welcome any input on that topic :-).


joely said...

I have a flip camera and I love it.


CHECK IT OUT, you will love it.

Sherri said...

Thanks, Joely. Someone else just recommended that same camera - only two recommendations, so.... must be pretty cool. I'm definitely going to take another look (shopped those last year but did not have the immediate need I do now so didn't pay much attention).