26 June 2010

Blah lifting....

So ... went to a party last night. It's always just nice to be out, talking with friends, meeting new people. Last night, we were at PMI, a television and other digital media production house downtown. We had drinks and did some chat on a big 6th floor balcony (and met a teen dream, Justin Bieber, connection - so.. got to text Olivia with that info - OMG!!!), lighted and with a great view of tall, glittery buildings (PPG - we all know it, but it was nice to see a different perspective - I used to eat lunch and do coffee by the fountains there when I worked downtown - much preferred being up high and looking down at Market Square). Anyway, I am a little out of touch with industry people, having formally left marketing years ago, but... I have to say, their new space is very nice - congrats to them.

Getting out was no easy feat. We were inundated with requests for bizarre dinner food - had to orchestrate pick-up from a year-end lacrosse pizza party - discovered we had lost a shoe - had to assemble some Lego Playmobile characters (have you seen how small those things are?), tried to pick up the many, many toys littering our first floor (I have not seen my house this messy in a loooong time), attempted to clean the dirty kitchen floor, changed some poopy nappies.... ugh, ugh ugh. I feel like I've lost control in this house..... BUT I did get out, and I looked OK, felt semi-relaxed (took me a good half an hour to shake the brain fry).

US plays Ghana today in World Cup.

Photo: Swim meet at the Edgewood Club a few days ago (we won!). Silly girls... You all know who they are ;-) - I talk about them all enough....

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