08 June 2010


Today was dentist for 3 (my boys get very excited to see Dr. Jack - and I have to say, he is a great pediatric dentist. If you need a referral, here ya go), complete with an oral surgeon referral (poor Olivia - braces causing a minor lip irritation) - more Honors tests for Olivia (and inquiries about the language program at Oakland) - lunch on the run for all - park with little ones - Enzo's last baseball / t-ball game (little ones played in dirt) - grad party for Olivia (just dropped her off) - Apple store for hubby (still there) - possible book club for me tonight (contingent on my back-up arriving in time).... ALL GOOD, as I like to say.

A couple of things to keep it all in perspective:

1. Please check out Callapitter for further updates on Kate and Peter's Treehouse (you know where to find Amy - my blog list). I love to jump on the community bandwagon when someone in my area (or not -really - good causes draw me anywhere - I'm sure most of you agree - local always good :-) needs support. I think, in this case, Amy has fantastic intentions and the play / learning area is a great idea. I also think Amy is level-headed and only wants the memories of her two beautiful children to be honored in a place that she says, will "capture their spirits". Beautiful. I hope it happens for her. I am concerned that many people are off track in their analysis of the project. I don't think that either "side" should digress too far from the original point - which is to create a play area somewhere in an appropriately safe and accessible place both to memorialize these two beautiful children and to benefit the community. I think Regent's Sq. residents have a right to voice concerns, and I think those concerns should be handled - whether it is to fix some of the perceived problems or to simply keep the lines of communication open.

2. Let's all keep in perpective how much we have and how lucky we are. This story about a poor little girl watching a baseball game with her dad was hit by a line-drive is just so sad. No one's fault, and it appears she will be Ok, but... just shows how things can happen in an instant. Think about her tonight as you're counting those blessings :-).

3. Thank you to everyone for your words of support, etc. today. I was down. I admit it. I think sharing with those of you who might feel the same is beneficial. Looking forward to some play dates and some girls' nights. Thanks, everyone. I know some really cool people.

4. And... here is the world's best cheesey garlic bread recipe. Hubby made it last night.

5. Speaking of hubby, he just called to say that he is bringing home some take-out for a late, quiet dinner, and... Glee is on tonight. Wow.

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