19 June 2010

Can't sleep.

Possibly a good thing this morning as I contemplate a workout at the gym.....

I worry (as you know). Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by bad family behavior (I don't like to see my kids hurt again and again - and I know that there is often nothing I can do about a family member and his / her issues - mental, personal, etc. - especially if it's a family I've married into and I may not know all the past baggage - but it still stings and ... can be frustrating), issues I needed to resolve with the kids during the day, guilt at not being more of a financial contributor to the family..... more. And.... I can't sleep. Warrants mentioning here that I have always been this way (and I think I have mentioned that before) - an insomniac since I was a kid (back then I worried about outgrowing my toys, disappointing my Mom, why certain people laughed at my new "wedge" haircut, etc.).

I do have to say that with the worry comes some good stuff too - remembering how Enzo got into bed with us early yesterday morning to cuddle (lay on the floor outside our door waiting for us - poor guy) - Milo and how proud he is of his swimming progress and how cute he looked floating on his "noodle" in the pool yesterday - Lil Lil and how I found her playing Barbies by herself on the deck, wanting to eat her dinner out there, perfectly happy alone - how Olivia hung out with us a bit last night, watching silly movies, talking about her day and her friends - and how hubby rubs my head and back when I can't sleep...

Meant to say happy birthday to my brother earlier this week. When I contacted him, he was not feeling well - allergies, sinus infection - something. When I spoke to my Mom yesterday (and all is well there aside from a bird who has built a nest outside her front door and swoops at her all the time), she was going to make him a birthday dinner so assured me that our plans to visit (foiled by Olivia's field hockey clinic today at her old lacrosse field, Winchester Thurston) would be best moved anyway. My birthday is Sunday.

Anyway, if I want to get a pre-6 am start to the gym, I need to give you my rundown....

As you know, I love Olive Juice kids clothes. Big sale here (and I do mean big - when they mark down, they mark everything, including $60 girls dresses, down to $10).

Found this web site recently. Kids clothing, household accessories - started by a Mom. Again, I would give credit regarding where I found this, but... I cruise so many sites and get so many referrals, I often forget.

And... how 'bout that bad call that cost the US the win (they tied) in the World Cup game against Slovenia (found the announcer's nod to the 80,000 + Slovenians in Cleveland, Ohio funny - particularly because I am from the area and my Dad's family is of Slavic heritage - varied). Anyway, it was a game to watch. Read here.

I'm in love with vegan California Suncakes. Not many people are, but I have always loved them and recently rekindled my relationship at a local coffeeshop, Coffee tree Roasters. Try them - you'll like them. Might best be eaten post-workout since they are a little dense.

And, finally, my friend's friend's company here (got that?). She had this funky idea to put area codes and the city you live in, come from ,etc. on t-shirts, and.... finally, the other day, someone wore one on tv (minor celeb - Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View, but still....) and now she is inundated with calls. Good for her! Check her out.

Thinking of friends today who are hiking the Rachel Carson Trail. 35 miles in less than 15 hours. They are better than I am.... Interesting background on Rachel here (really interesting - as is the case with all that I've mentioned here... worth a look).

What are you all getting hubbies, brothers, Dads for Father's Day? I'm only shopping for hubby and may just do a new gym bag and get some of our cool urban family photos from a month or two ago framed for him, which.... brings me to the photos of the day....

My boys and my girls (and I'm just realizing that due to preschool and toddler fickle-ness, we did not get one of the four of them together.... whoops) photographed by Libby (who has moved - sorry Pittsburghers....).


Linda Pressman said...

I got my husband an iPad. He'd better appreciate it! If he doesn't, guess who gets it???

Then the presents from the kids: son - Rolling Stones gift set and daughter - iPod accessories.

We'll do homemade cards, but I thought I'd inundate him with cool toys for a tough year!

Sherri said...

Very cool - I have another friend investing in the iPad for her hubby. Good idea!