01 June 2010


With all the storms in the past day or so - I mean, literally, one downpour complete with lightening and thunder after another - we may have to resort to swimming in the bathtub (as pictured here :-).

Errands today. Cold pizza for breakfast (for me - made proper eggs for kids :-) - hubby home one more day - Mom feeling better - helped a friend move some stuff (she's going to San Francisco, so..... may be helping friend break in apt. soon :-). Basking in cute memory of Lilliana, yesterday, sitting with cousins' dog, sharing watermelon and talking about the sky (all observed from my seat poolside, but... just too cute).

Summer is here all. If you are feeling at all overwhelmed - school, dusty floors, etc. (if you're like me, your spouse will just open the back door and yell, "the kids wiped out on the driveway!" and deposit muddy, sobbing kids through the back kitchen door), it is a time for a new start and / or a fresh outlook. Cliched? Maybe. True? Yes.


Kim said...

Love this pic! Getting caught up on your posts. I've enjoyed keeping up with Olivia's activities...she has had a lot of good stuff going on lately and seems to have a lot to look forward to...don't worry too much, she seems to have a good sense of herself and has made good choices in friends. Glad your Mom is doing better!

Sherri said...

Thanks, Kim :-). Means a lot from you.

Facie said...

Great pic. I post so few on my blog, and you seem to have so many great ones. So few seem to fit my posts.

Sherri said...

I love photos... and take soooo many of my kids. Not hard for me to find relevant photos. Besides, Facie, you have such focused, rational, interesting posts; I am more confessional and... um .... rambling - ??? Anyway.... love the cute ones of your little one that you do post :-).