06 June 2010

Banner Day

First of all... this is the first night in months - I wanna say years - that the boys have not invaded our bedroom and wanted to sleep there all night. They love the "big bed" (ours), as I've said before. NOW - they have their own big bed - a Queen size bed with bedding identical to ours, and.... a big white comforter - again, just like ours. We took most of the afternoon yesterday to rearrange their furniture, etc., and.... it looks great - I'll take some glamour shots and post later. We all slept in our own beds! Miracle. Truly. The little twin beds have been retired to the basement for a while. We broke out our snazzy, new bedding ,etc. for our own big bed. Ahhhh....

Also, Enzo put his head under water during swimming class yesterday (we're doing WHAT right now - though found myself yesterday talking up the JCC in Squirrel Hill for swimming lessons and more), and it appears he has a new friend - a little boy who wants to take class with him again. I may get all my kids to become swimmers yet this summer :-).

And... hubby and I went out last night like the old days (Olivia and friends, Caroline and yet another Olivia, fresh from ANOTHER graduation party, babysat :-). Rainy-ish night - restaurant hopping a bit ... appetizers and beers one place - dessert and coffee another....Talked a lot. We tried Dinette - had heard mixed reviews - some people love it - some people ... not so much. I have to say, I LOVE the idea (using local produce, etc. - informal atmosphere - high-end casual food), but... it is odd to find ONLY small salads or olive plates (and not very many AT ALL - 5 or 6 to choose from) and pizza on a menu - when the name and the premise suggests so much more. Pizza OK (very tasty but not over the top - though we did onion with mushroom, and I think I should have gone fresh ricotta with basil, etc. Next time... so see, there will be a next time, I think... just maybe when we're out again for late dinner or shopping...)- farro salad with avocado and a dressing with a little heat - great but small. Nice wine list (it does present as a wine bar as well - though... have to say... the food does not pair with or complement the wine very much....), offer still or sparkling water like in Europe (I used to get bitchy and irritated if I was only offered tap water here in the US - I know - pathetic... anyway...), OK beers (Yuengling in a can?).... I liked the atmosphere - great wait staff (complimented my funky glass bead necklace - attentive, casual) - friendly chefs (cook right in front of you - looks like wood oven behind them - kitchen very cool - glass walls, etc.). We then went to an old standby, Casbah (because we could walk easily), for dessert - sat on patio - ate chocolate bread pudding with creme anglaise and rubbarb tart with ginger ice cream - yummy (coconut milk panna cotta was a consideration as well.... like I said before... next time....).

Photo: Speaking of food..... Spunky Lil eats some of her favorites during a "Mommy and Me" night last year, late summer (getting sentimental with my photos lately - as I am prone to do ;-) - everyone else had something else to do, and .... it was just she and I - dinner, bath, walk, snuggle time. Nice.

And ... now that we're on food (a lot this post - wow)... remember The Next Food Network Star starts tonight at 9 pm, I believe - Food Network. Aaaaand.... this season, it is a good time to donate to your local Food Bank - school's out - daycare costs up - kids active for summer.... need food for families!

Have a nice Sunday (I think Olivia serves mass today for the last time ever... another passage..... so many this month :-) - sniff...).

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