28 June 2010

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Watched that movie over the weekend. Brought back some memories (Sue - if you're reading - we saw it together - reminded us of our funny friend, Steve, and his crazy behavior :-) - when we were kids....;-)... when I was just becoming enamored of Tim Burton and his talents.

I'm lowkey today so don't have much..... Some stuff interests me, like:
Modern dance choreographer, Martha Clarke, wins prestigious dance award... read here.

Watched The Next Food Network Star last night, and... I have to say, I think it is surpassing Top Chef for me this season in terms of talent and interest. Both worth a look....

England is OUT of World Cup big time. Hubby is pulling for the South American teams (being from Peru and all :-), so... I may jump on the Brazil bandwagon.

Had a lot to do yesterday... family stuff, household stuff.... so missed an ice cream party (where I'm told many free range kids would roam ;-) - and... despite all our camps, etc., I do embrace that concept otherwise. We snorkel in the bathtub, paint on the deck, race bikes down the street, wander to the neighbors, explore the woods, bake and cook a bit, really climb on the playgrounds, etc. - I allow some freedoms, space, rope ;-)... Anyway, hope everyone had fun (M and friends ;-).

Sat end of day last night, sharing a juice pop with Lil on the front porch while by boys tried to sleep on our hot third floor (and hubby dropped Olivia and friends at a birthday party - a high school boy... and so it begins...). The humidity is starting to get to me.

Photo: Feeling sentimental for last month and beyond. These are 8th grade grad photos. More sentimental downloads to come......

And - thanks, all, for comments, emails, etc. on my doctor rant. Got some good advice and do feel better about my odd experience.

Finally - some follow ups....

For the most recent movement / news on Kate and Peter's Treehouse (remember Amy at Callapitter), read and follow here.

And.... don't forget to keep donating to the Haiti clean-up / reconstruction effort. Many organizations still accepting donations / help, including this one.

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