03 June 2010

The Summer Schedule

OK - trust me - I do not want to be overscheduled this summer - would sooooooo prefer to hang out at the pool, garden, eat juice pops and play in the yard. For the past few days, me and my boys (and, today, Lil joined us) have laid around in a tangle of cozy sheets and comforters on the "big bed" (our bed - the boys love it) watching movies or Disney (hubby must put it on as he gets ready in the morning). We have toast and popcorn and put off starting the day. In fact, all day yesterday, we did just hang out a bit - water play in the yard - planted some herbs - made lemonade and tea - snacked all day - looked at ants with magnifying glasses - used our sidewalk chalk. Olivia and pals baked brownies (so those were scenting the house when I got home from one outing - AND - my babysitters had opened the art bin for the little ones, which can be a disaster or a good thing - yesterday, it was a good thing), went to their old school Variety Show to watch friends and the little kids, got their nails done, grabbed a bite to eat and... just let the day flow (that organic, zen flow I so love - and... for the record... still loving having these girls hang around the house after all the emotional end of year stuff - sniff).

Soon, however, swim team will start for Olivia. Enzo and Milo have asked for gymnastics camp, and I think the pioneer camp at school with the kindergarten teacher will be good for my little E. Lilliana and Milo need to be signed into swimming lessons, and Olivia, who is already signed into sleep away Camp Calvary for later in the summer, has some Honors testing at Oakland Catholic this week and next. Also, we have a Deep Creek, MD lake vacation for August (with family) in the planning stages, and another more southern beach idea being kicked around a bit. So .... I guess maintaining a sense of balance will be key, eh? What are your plans readers? I know some of you have similar ones.

Cute thoughts of the day: Sweet Milo in his short pants pajamas walking some warm cookies to his friend, "Fin", last night after dinner (between rain storms). "Fin" had sweetly delivered a get well card to Milo after the two were involved in a wiffle bat / bloody nose incident during the day ;-). All my kids pressed against the front window as the rain poured down and the sun brightly shone yesterday - all of them looking for a rainbow.

Quick retail tip: Such cuteness and many bargains this week at zulily (thanks, M, for the constant reminders to shop kid bargains :-).

Quick tip for "the sake of a tip" tip (got that?): The whole newborn photo shoot seems to be a common theme today - check out Libby Jones' blog on my page as well as Design Mom - see blog list for both - some very cute, just amazing photos of babies less than 2 weeks old to oggle ;-). If you're pregnant and thinking along those lines, it seems to be something that you won't regret doing. I was always overwhelmed in those first few weeks (and love my candids of my babies), but.... these are just great - check them out - please :-).

Photo: Some more calm ... on what might be another rainy day :-).


TKW said...

There is nothing sweeter than a homemade get-well card!

Kim said...

I am still catching my breath after those baby portraits! Pure beauty! Wish I could go back and have my kids photographed that way...not feeling like having another to take advantage of this, so I will enjoy other's photos. :) Your summer plans sound fun. BTW: Ron originally wanted to name Brennan "Fin," thinking it would look cool on the back of a hockey jersey. Can you send some of that rain down our way?

Sherri said...

Aren't those sweet? Precious. But, yes - I, too, will admire from afar.

Brennan will look cool on a jersey too :-). I haven't asked - is he doing hockey? Seems the type...;-). He'll make Ron proud :-).