20 June 2010

My cramped, cluttered house...

... may have a reprieve from screaming kids, wet flip flops, toys that litter the floor, gym bags, multi-colored snack cups, etc. Not to mention dusty bookshelves, sticky counters, smudgey windows and unmade beds. I'm even hoping for sparkling clean refrigerator shelves, a neat deck, and an orderly countertop coffee corner. How is this possible you ask? Don't laugh. But.... check out THIS Martha Stewart book (some of you already know about my admiration of Martha - now the rest of you do - again, don't judge me). Seriously - like a "how to" regarding "homemaking", which I think is kinda cool. I'm home with the kids - why not make one of my missions to keep it comfortable - you know - clean, organized, tasty food on the table. I'm not talking standing around in an apron with my hair done up in hairspray (unless I feel like ... um ... doing something like that - I mean we all have those days - experimenting with a curling iron or some eye shadow.... yeah... you know :-).... I just mean..... my kids are happy - know where to find their books in the bookcase - brush their teeth at a clean counter - have Q-tips if they need them..... Worth a look / read (you knew that was coming ;-).

Had a good day - great really. Pool, chocolate ganache cake (with one candle - don't want to burn the house down - gettin' up there in b-days :-) - AND hubby made homemade delicious whipped cream), time with friends and family (got lotions, which I LOVE and a video camera!!! which I will try out and report back on). Thank you all - via email, text, phone, Facebook and other... for the wonderful b-day thoughts and messages. It meant A LOT to me this year.

In closing, how 'bout this cluster*%#&!!! at the World Cup. The French team. Shaking my head and clucking my tongue right now ;-). Also "worth a read". Ridiculous behavior.

No photo today - picture me sore from a couple of days in a row at the gym and... sunburned / tanned from time outside (if that image isn't too housewifey and self-centered for you). Anyway, wishing you all some self-centered "me time" this week! Tomorrow, we have the swimming, tennis, swimming drill - plus Olivia has joined some sort of high school sport "boot camp", so.... there's that.

Oh hey -and if anyone else is watching The Next Food Network Star... let me know who you like from this crop. I'm pulling for Aarti. She's awesome (and a food BLOGGER :-), and the network doesn't have an Indian chef... hmmm...... maybe.....

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Facie said...

Happy birthday, Martha!
The cake sounds delish, by the way.