23 June 2010

Sunshine again!

And... a few fun things 'round Pittsburgh...

Anthropologie opens at Bakery Square on Friday. Can't wait. Interesting / fun article here.

The shamed pierogi from the Pirates returns (after being booted for saying something bad about the team on his Facebook page). If you don't know what the Pirates Pierogi Race is, here you go. And, if you don't know what a pierogi is, here you go (I grew up eating them with my Dad's slavic family).

Also, we're thinking lake or mountain vacation this summer - probably a little closer to home, but... the Berkshires would be nice. Went many years ago when I was more connected by family and friends to the NE part of the country - would like to go again. Worth a glance :-).

Lastly, USA plays Algeria, I believe in the World Cup. Apparently, they can still advance and do well. You know, I actually thought I would watch, discuss and have a little more fun with this than I have been. Hubby into work and watching on his own this week - I am busy with kids and trying to fit all of our doctor appointments, outings, activities in.... Oh well - time alone gives me more time to reflect and figure my own world out.

It's funny (and this will just seem pathetic to most normal people), but... on The Next Food Network Star (and check it out if you are watching - fun discussion questions on the Food Network home page - see my link - AND, by all means, discuss with me too :-), there is this pretty, put together, sweet girl, Brianna, and ... for some reason, she doesn't connect with others, doesn't like to be touched, admitted tearfully in an interview that she doesn't made friends easily.... Anyway, aside from the pretty and put together part, she reminds me of myself. Though.... she is younger than I am and more bothered by it, I think - like I used to be when I didn't get asked to prom, or my friends forgot to ask me along on the fireworks outing on the 4th of July in college and I sat alone all day and night - no one in the little college town I knew was home, or when I planned a huge baby shower for a co-worker yet when my time came a few months later, no one even took me to lunch - I found my gift, a gift certificate card, on my desk (though the sweet secretary in my dept. did get me a cake in the theme of the room I had planned for baby Enzo - vie email all my co-workers were summoned to the kitchen to eat it - I did get a photo before it was gone, though ;-). I have become quite used to it all, and, sadly :-), am still working on "fixing" it. Anyway.... all crap for another post... ;-).. rant for another day, as I always say..... Now the focus is sun, pool and making my kids happy.

Not much time today (or this week, for that matter). Gotta go! Enjoy the day.

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