09 June 2010

My Friend's Book: Hot off the Press (& more)

I have known my friend Tami for years - and have actually just reconnected with her after a long time apart. Silly how we let the years go by - really. I now follow Tami's blog (see my blog list - she is my miracle cancer survivor :-). It is so good to share info via blog - via phone, email - whatever - again. And, it is good to know that Tami is a true cancer survivor, and she inherently understands that living with the disease isn't always what you think it will be. I know a lot of my readers share my experience - either with a loved one who has cancer - or had cancer - or maybe they've suffered through it themselves. We are all united in some way after these experiences. Above all, we know that it has to be managed and dealt with and lived with and endured and hated and conquered - whatever - just like ALL of the other curveballs life throws your way - anything that becomes chronic as you go through this life's journey. Worry when you need to - laugh when you feel like it - LIVE your life like you always do. In fact, live your life with a new zest and zeal - appreciate all you can (hmmm... seems to be a theme this week ;-).

Anyway - her book (a book!!! - Hooray for Tami) is now available online. Please visit her blog - check out the link and forward the information if you can.

Drippy, rainy day inside playing Trouble on my boys' cozy new bed - bacon and eggs for dinner (looking for garnish ideas - got apples, basil, mozzarella and warm green bean / tomato salad on deck) - Top Chef Masters finale tonight. Olivia is attending the St. Maurice festival in Forest Hills - might be worth a visit (though I know my beloved Top Chef is worth a look :-). Oh yeah - and we are all about the World Cup in this house lately. Get ready....

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