10 June 2010

Food Day

Got our CSA from Harvest Valley Farms today. Lil Lil sat, wearing her Kate Mack tutu bathing suit, in the backseat and ate strawberries all the way home :-)! Need to digress a bit here and say that I REALLY need to embrace the iPhone, AT & T and all, because my phone is useless - I so desperately wanted to snap a candid photo of my pink-clad strawberry princess but sick phone wouldn't let me. Anyhoo.... I used some of our fruits and veggies to make dinner - the carrots, strawberries, bib lettuce - more... and.. of course... Lil helped (so sweet - if she has helped me do anything at all - in this case shop, unload veggies, etc. - she just stands and expects to be given a kitchen task - a chef in the making, maybe?).

Am currently coveting my neighbor's personal chef, who comes to her house every two weeks (when she gets her CSA basket from Kretschmann's) to make a couple of homecooked yummy meals all sealed up in freezer containers and ready to serve. Today was her first day, and... as I stood and filled the kids' water table in the driveway, I could smell the most wonderful things coming through her window (and my neighbor does know that I was outside the window, btw - in fact, she kinda found me there :-) - wouldn't be the weirdest thing that's happened in our neck of the woods - ask us about the flying squirrel sometime...).

And ... last "food" fyi. My boys and their friend next door captured these bizarre little wormies that swim (they got them off of a trash can lid - our neighboring pediatrician joked about West Nile - me and my other neighbor surmissed that they must be wee little mosquitos - either way - YUK!!!), and.... they fed one to their fish (Tom Tom, the formerly shy fish, nabbed them - boys thrilled - now they can sleep - though I have the jeebies right now - boys on the other hand are alternately sprawled across the foot of their nifty new "big bed" - Milo - and curled up on the retro green beanbag chair on the floor - Enzo, watching Shrek :-) - too cool).

Anyway - watched World Cup festivities (are the Black-eyed Peas EVERYWHERE?).... played outside..... organized some paperwork. Happy. And so are the little ones (have proof of a day well-played - water toys strewn about the backyard and naked Barbies on a little doll bench by my herbs on the deck - drying off after a dip in the water table :-) - and, yeah - I'm still letting Lil play with Barbies and wear tutus ;-) - let Olivia do the same and look how she turned out (all three Olivias out and about tonight again - ah, summer....).Hope you're all enjoying your days too.

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