12 June 2010

More happy thoughts...

Thoughts and warm images from last night's graduation party (and I CANNOT believe this boy is done with high school and going to Denison - where he will, definitely, have a good time and do well :-):

Lil Lil holding hands with some older girls (by that, I mean only second graders or so) and walking all over the grassy yard (one would hold her like a little baby for extended periods of time - and I remember when these girls were little like Lil!).

Olivia and friends playing wiffle ball and other games in the yard.

Enzo and Milo playing hide n seek with kindergarten and preschool pals (later used discarded wiffle bats to have a "light saber" fight in the shadowy trees...)

Seeing Enzo dance for the first time (and enjoying Milo's ten minute "Milo wiggle" yard dance while others played).

Watching Milo play volleyball like a pro (while playing frisbee with Enzo).

Numerous games of duck duck goose.

Late night "dance offs" and line dancing - little kids, high schoolers and adults ( from Olivia - "Mommy - please!").

Cake with chocolate icing eaten by candlelight while sitting on picnic tables and watching the kids play.

Olivia enjoying her friends surrounded by people who care about her and have known her for years.

The smell of cigar smoke (reminds me of my Dad).

Wet, dewey grass - lightening bugs - music - food grilled outside - reminded me of parties from when I was a kid.

So much fun. Little ones did not get to bed until almost midnight. I hear the hosts did not get home until much later (reports from Olivia and pals indicate 3 am-ish ;-).

Seriously good times. Today - ice cream cones in the backyard - more gardening - a little Giada at Home on Food Network to escape the humidity (when I spoke to Olivia this morning - sleepover at Olivia B's - all she and friends cared about was breakfast and waking up slowly) - called Mom, left msg (though she spoke to Olivia earlier this week). Are you watching the World Cup? We are :-).

Photo: More calm... just calm.....


Linda Pressman said...

I love this "moment in time" you've captured, Sherri! And that picture (also the frame!) is just beautiful!

Sherri said...

Hubby brought that back from one of his trips to Peru - has become sort of a conversation piece in our dining room....