23 June 2010

A good day.

And this is what we all strive for, eh? In my last post, I made some comments in passing about making friends, finding your place among people, deciding your path, and... I would be interested to hear some stories on how we all, at this stage in our lives - sisters, mothers, wives - whatever - have overcome our obstacles to move forward and redeem ourselves, fix the past, learn to live with difficult people, learned how to make friends, figured out how to forgive and even figure out how to connect and reach out to others who need it. Anyway.... I'll work on a post and see what happens.

Today.... so "go USA!". They beat Algeria in the World Cup game and will be moving on as head of their group ahead of England (I believe they play Ghana next - on Friday? Will check...), and... Slovenia (sorry Cleveland and my many relatives) is out. Hubby went to Piper's Pub today to watch the game at 9:30 am, and it was packed! He ended up at Fathead's - still packed, but... he made a new friend, had a bite to eat and watched the game among some appropriately rowdy fans. Good for him - glad he had fun.

Me? I was at the pool enjoying the companionship of many women from my kids' school and beyond (friends of friends) - conversation, sunburn, bottled water and kid snacks. We discussed everything from the best swimmy wings to movies to what to make for dinner, and it was cool (plus, we stayed so long that hubby actually showed up end of day to hang out). I do like how this life of mine is turning out. Lil Lil bumped her mouth on the way out of the pool (big ouch - glad her 30 mo. check-up is tomorrow, and.... yeah - they do those now - between 2 and 3 years - this is new since Milo was younger... plus she has some hives that I want them to look at - mosquito bites or sunscreen allergy? Hmmm....), but... enjoyed the attention of many older girls today. Enzo is swimming underwater again (hooray), and Milo is actually interested in tennis. Double hooray (he is becoming more social - my grand plan for a lot of this). Sore from "boot camp", Olivia baked cookies with her "bestie". Yin and yang - like I always say.... though admit - I sometimes forget the ebb and flow of life and get stuck in a rut.

So - how 'bout this Wimbledon game that won't end. 10 hours! And so it will continue tomorrow....

Speaking of tomorrow ... we have to be at tennis and orthodontist at the same time - enjoy a lovely playdate at the new Little Outback kids area and cafe in Sq. Hill (thank you, E - great suggestion - NEED some downtime - fun place for kids - coffee, kosher sandwiches, etc. for parents) - be at a well check-up, swim team photos and boot camp at the same time THEN hit the swim meet later. All in a day... it'll be fine :-) - though I am getting a little jealous of hubby and Olivia and their regular workouts - mine got bumped today and, for the life of me, don't know how to squeeze one in tomorrow (and I can't even describe the state of my house right now - piles of laundry that would do my friend, Kim's "Mt Laundry" in her house, proud - unmade bed this am - dishes piled in sink - toys scattered about.... ugh).

Top Chef tonight. I'm ready. Are you?

Photos: My crazy family and.... one of Lil (since she appears to be left out of the other one).

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TKW said...

Was that tennis game NUTS or what? Ten freaking hours?!

Looks like a great day in the water and sun!