03 June 2010

At loose ends.

I'm a pacer to begin with - total nervous energy - never sleep - can't sit still - how I've always been. And ... I am like that tonight - watching reruns (I'm stuck on The Office and Nurse Jackie, which I've just begun watching - with Edie Falco of Sopranos fame - and I quite like it), trying to read a bit, drinking blood orange soda and eating warm brownie crumbs (just the crumbs - honestly :-).

Hubby tired - sleeping away on couch. Lil fell asleep down here too on her little pink gingham floor pillow that we call "dog bed" (and, asleep, her little face looks so chubby and sweet - relaxed, double chin, cute little "choppers" teeth :-). Olivia "skypeing" away with friends upstairs (they miss eachother so much already ;-). Enzo had a great night at baseball and fell asleep watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". My poor little Milo, though, developed a headache and tummyache late day and just lay on the couch - didn't want a snack - didn't want anything to drink - just wanted to sleep (and I just went out and bought a bunch of his favorite foods to have around - for days, I had healthy, normal food in the house, and Milo does not like "normal" food). It worries me when he loses his steam like this - my energetic boy - the one just like me - up all hours - running around.... poor sweetie. I'm hoping he's just having trouble adjusting to the new summer hours around here and / or might have a little mild virus or something. I am SUCH a worrier; my imagination just goes crazy when one of my kids is sick - especially those bizarre one symptom, "no other telling signs that it is something not serious" ailments (see profile - and section on "hypochondriac" ;-).

Been cruising through my old Paris photos - trying to organize school artwork - lighting candles and trying to relax (mostly thinking about things like - I need to be better at making friends - I need to clean more - I need to create reading, art and other "directed activity" centers for my kids to make them a little more focused or calm - hmmmm.... losin' it ;-).... Need a diversion.

So... voila.... surfing around on the Internet, looking for local stories... found a little diversion.... a food stand in East Liberty - you know... down by the new trendy / trendy section (wink wink). Very cool - an arm of The Waffle Shop. I've been lovin' that area for a while (near Whole Foods, Borders - ???). Anyway - worth a read, a look and a visit, I think.

Thank you, by the way, to those of you who commented privately on my post touching on relationships, etc. Grateful for your feedback and your "conversation" :-).

I'm staying off tomorrow. My kiddies need me :-).


Emily said...

Funny, one thing I like about getting older is that I think I worry less in general, or at least worry about things that matter rather than things that don't matter so much (I was great at creating crises). However, I cannot imagine the worry that comes with having four kids! Talk about things that matter! I really marvel at parents for taking on that alone, not to mention the colossal challenge of parenting in general. Hang in there!

Sherri said...

I think I worry less about bizarre things now too - like I used to think I had all sorts of strange ailments - or I would be up at night worrying about money - or something I had said to someone earlier in the day and they gave me a "look" - crazy stuff. Now - yeah - it's all about kid stuff.... and can get out of hand if I don't keep it in check.