07 October 2010

Yep - here's what we did...

... instead of gymnastics and morning out today.... Play area at the mall, complete with Cokes and buttery pretzels. While there, I kept hearing parents of children who were similar in age to mine say, "Why don't you go and play with Mario and Rihanna?" And... I kept thinking - "WHO are Mario and Rihanna?" Turns out... they were my kids (Milo and Lilliana) - Milo introducing himself as "Mario the Superhero" (like in the Mario Bros. Wii game) and, of course, introducing his little sister to all his new playmates, whose name he says as "Wee-anna", so...... Oh well :-). Happy day, all.

Oh - and, btw, I hear tell that the iPhone going to Verizon rumors are a'swirlin' again. You guys can thank me. I am the fate-tempter. Every time I hold out for something so that my life can stay even-keel (and, let's face it, us OCD types do like routine - regular - the "that's what we did 13 years ago, so... that's what we'll do today" type stuff), the opposite happens / holds true. So.... Verizon Wireless was my "regular", despite a rocky roller coaster of a relationship for all those years; it would only follow suit, then, that after I dump and go A T & T, they (Apple) go VW. It's like people are watching me.... Anyway... as the article says.... "we'll see" ;-).

Enough from me.... Time to go clean the van (I think one of the carseats may be moldy - my kids are "spillers" - always something wet or sticky in there - wee ones will help me - I mean, how much damage can two kids with some Green Works All Purpose Cleaner do? Hmmm... maybe we'll just go recycle all our paper - sounds safer ;-), pick up the kindergartner and text the high schooler to see if I need to take her home from field hockey tonight (varsity only - slim chance she'll play in tonight's game).


Chris Pollock said...

Ian will be 15 next Saturday and we still can't go to the mall without stopping for Aunt Annie's!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time for the kids! It's hilarious that they have been calling themselves by other names that you didn't recognize. =)