17 October 2010

Sun, shadows, leaves and pumpkins ... and food and football....

Embracing the true autumn spirit this weekend. We checked a campfire / scary folklore book out of the library (I swear it is the same one I read as a kid) and have been reading it endlessly - telling and retelling these creepy stories. We FINALLY watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (love it), and we have pumpkins all over the house - we've been playing in the leaf piles in the front yard - talking walks - mulling cider (and immediately drinking it - wait all year for that luxury) - soaking up the sunshine and cool air at field hockey, soccer and while talking to the neighbors outside (and one neighbor brought us some "grown up" cookies last night - nothing R rated - just big and gooey - good to live near an angry baker ;-) - the teen hit Fright Night at Kennywood with her Shadyside Academy and Oakland Catholic friends last night (and actually scared themselves ;-). Truly a great time of year.

Today, me and the girls went shopping in Shadyside (hair clips for Olivia's homecoming, new corduroys from J. Crew, scarves on sale and what not) - while the boys played football in the backyard (and watched the big game, of course - go Steelers). Tonight, we're making grilled asparagus and chicken under a brick (marinated in lemon, olive oil, oregano, parsley, rosemary and sage) cuz we love to be out on the deck (soaking up all that cliched, but beautiful dappled autumn light) - I'm throwing together my cheesey, sour cream potatoes and a nice, light autumn bread and herb dressing (with marjoram and other fresh herbs - really nice taste - celery, onion, free range chicken stock - I keep it simple :-). The kids helped break up the bread and squeeze the lemons (in hindsight - as it's all bubbling and baking now, I'm wondering if the boys washed their hands before doing all this.....). Sunday supper is ON. All good. Lovely day. How was yours?

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