28 October 2010

Dance Caravan 1983!

Yeah - you heard me right - 1983. I just had to post this in the midst of my chaos.....

Olivia, looking for a retro "80's workout girl" look for Halloween at school tomorrow, prompted me to search through a box of old dance and other school stuff from my childhood (given to me by my mother when she moved). Out popped an old pink ballet sweater, scary ripped and torn black leg warmers, all sorts of Capezio leotards.... and this shirt (pictured). Yeah - that's right - I attended Dance Caravan 1983 and took class from Joel Hall and Frank Hatchett (jazz hands, everybody!) and Fred Knecht (the girl in the back needs her tutu trimmed a bit) and David Howard and..... um who else?!?! Anyone? Anyone? One of you, my loyal ex-dancer friends / readers HAS to remember!

Anyway - here's to hoping that Olivia isn't reprimanded for wearing a cut to fit belly shirt in school tomorrow (those racy 9th graders ;-) - puh-leeeeez).


AngryBaker said...

You kept all the good stuff. I don't think I have any of my clothes from high school. Maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Emily said...

I am stunned that you still have clothes from that era. I guess with my Mom's move out of our house upon my high school graduation, it was easier for me to ditch lots of stuff.