16 October 2010

Retail Therapy

Day out with Lil! Shopping Squirrel Hill - new birthday shoes from Little's (finally succumbed and got the sparkly, sparkly Lelli Kelly shoes that she always beelines for) - books, chess and funny self-portraits at the library - lunch and errands - dashing from the rain - meeting new friends :-). All to help remedy the cough that plagues this house by night (a la Croup - and it is "Croup-y" but also has the stuffy nose, scratchy throat, etc. that goes with other viruses). Rough few weeks for sleep with all the coughing, refilling of humidifiers, dispensing of Tylenol and all that comes with sniffies, achies and low fevers (my poor little E even had to have a throat culture so beware and stay well, all). Anyway.... appeared to work - looks like she's feeling more like her old self :-).

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