31 October 2010

Happy Halloween (and au revoir)

It always sneaks up on me. I mean - it does and it doesn't. I am prepped for weeks - decorations, candy, mugs and seasonal clothing - mulled cider, butternut squash soup, outdoor "campfires", autumn dinner parties.... I dig Halloween, and I looooove autumn, in general. I am sad when it's over. I think THAT'S what sneaks up on me. It becomes gray and November-ish outside - the rush is on for Christmas gifts - school gets chaotic ... oh - I don't need to tell you - we'll all experience it tomorrow (sorry for the drag-down ;-).

So - last night was sleepless - late night texts from the dance attendee - boys who wanted to stay up late and watch Halloween specials then spent the night waking and calling for us - and.... one over-tired "just turned three year old" who would NOT go to sleep - insisted on being in "prince-ness" costume for hours. I accidentally napped mid-evening watching a bit of a boring movie, then..... in typical insomniac form, was up all night.

Strange night - Devil's Night, so.... as it should be, I suppose. Sirens in the wee hours, clear audible voices just outside the door very, very late - I even checked my phone for one last text from Olivia who was sleeping over at a friend's, and... literally, seconds later, she texted me (my fellow late night girl - I love serendipity, as you know - just odd to feel so in sync with the surroundings on such an odd, mystical night ;-).

So - today we'll trick or treat (oh - and hubby has decided to paint the bedroom today - wonder how THAT will go - I'm predicting another sleepless night for me) - we'll make s'mores in our firepit again - we'll light jack - o - lanterns and start the fog machine. It will be cold, but it will be fun.

I've decided that I'm going to take a few weeks to rethink, re-evaluate, redesign and re-conceptualize my blog. I am going to focus on kids, holidays and my grand but ordinary day to day. I will also immerse myself in my old photos - take my classes at the Apple store - make my films, slide shows and explore other projects. I will also get my messy, messy, half-painted, half-decorated, semi-comfortable / semi-chaotic house in order. This is a lot. I'll miss you all :-).

Photo: I knew this was coming, having been forewarned by a mother who knew her sons were heading out with toilet paper and silly string last night - friends of my "teen" (said with some snark but quite a bit of levity in my voice ;-). I like it, having done some TP'ing in my day :-). Anyway.... it's just a wee bit.... All good.

Listening to Bloodbuzz, Ohio by the National right now (which makes me proud of my "home state"), drinking for the last day out of my witch mug (and with that, also wearing my black pumpkin socks for the last time this year - NOT as big a deal as the mug ;-) and... reading this little tidbit on the new show "The Walking Dead", which airs tonight (and, for all you zombie purists, we should be proud this guy, the special effects person on this project, is from Pittsburgh - he KNOWS those suckers shouldn't be running - zombies are dead and rotting - they move slooooow ;-). And.... think it is super cool the Steelers are in New Orleans on Halloween (when I return someday, I may tell you all about my voodoo doll - the passion goddess, who I will NEVER throw away - cuz.... well.... I think she's real :-0). So ... I leave you in a good spooky "space" right now. Take care.


Sherri said...

Hey - and to all you commenters - via Facebook, my blog, email - whatever - thank you and keep it up. Some recent fun info from my dance days - some previous fabulous back and forth on more intense topics - and some easy chat on other frivolous ones (it's funny to see - particularly on FB, when the list of comments just gets longer and longer and longer ;-). I'll be back soon, and I'll need you (even you silent readers - Love, LOVE, love that you read me - dig you all :-).

Sue said...

I will miss reading you but LOVE that you are taking a new direction. Get to some of those things that are meaningful to you. You'll be back...

jennaseverythingblog said...

Good luck with your reconceptualization! Oh, and I loved the pix of your little one in ballet class.