18 October 2010

Befuddled, so.... am listing some simple "good things" for a Monday :-).

1. The luscious, yummy smell from the grill last night - rosemary, lemon, thyme.... so nice.

2. The fact that we all sat down to Sunday dinner together last night.

3. The deer - a young buck with emerging "Santa's reindeer-ish" antlers - that walked down our street today - right down the middle!!! - while the little ones were eating breakfast before school. Dim light - quiet street - just me and kiddies - came close to a magical moment (and I don't throw that word around that often) - they were thrilled (see bizarre - "was he really there? i mean, we live in a pretty urban neighborhood" - dim, ghostly photo on this page).

4. The beautiful leaves on the trees - the sunlight - the cool air .... fall is here :-).

5. This helpful article on chores for tweens / teens.

6. My after school time with Enzo - getting hot chocolate, talking about the day - one on one "big boy time" (see photos of my shy guy on his way back from after school and / or mommy outings :-) - and ... on a similar note, see my "scary" - cue ghost noise - photo of Milo, my not so shy guy, on this page as well).

7. The fact that Olivia seems to really like her choice of high schools - thriving, happy.

8. My morning time with little ones (Noggin, closet organization and carrot sticks with Lil this am - funny photos including Milo pictured - even the mundane can be special if given the proper spin ;-).

9. The fact that someone like me, a total hypochondriac who can often spend days, weeks, months worrying, etc. over imaginary or minor health "issues", can actually find solace and comfort and a renewed sense of "enjoy this life / what I have is great" as my coughs, aches, kinks and "have you ever felt / seen / heard of anything like this?" symptoms subside.

10. Hubby's constant success at work as creative director for a marketing firm. No longer my world, I often feel jealous and left out, but... I need to celebrate all his awards, raises, promotions, etc.

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