02 October 2010

Some goooood food, a "crawl" down Penn and GO, OLIVIA!

First of all, BIG congrats to Olivia for getting her JV field hockey team's FIRST goal (all season) last night (they are all new to the sport and are playing some experienced teams). They tied the game, 1 - 1, but..... GO OLIVIA!! Nice work.

So ... after the big victory and late night Oakland Catholic pick-up, hubby and I headed out to First Fridays on Penn, which I was under the impression was a small event - only a couple of businesses participating, but.... it is huge - blocks and blocks of fun. We were at The Cotton Factory most of the night, listening to a super cool '80s New Wave DJ, drinking beer from plastic cups and perusing the diverse selection of t-shirts (I spotted an olive green onesie for wee ones with a retro trike on it and the phrase "first love" - clever, cute - someone bought it before I did). Anyway, everyone from The Yoga Hive to Voluto Coffee to The Quiet Storm and Pageboy Salon and Boutique participates. Something for everyone.

On our way home, we stopped at the new restaurant, Salt, and had some appetizers and wine. Sitting at the kitchen bar, we met Chef Kevin and sampled a pork belly with pickled eggs, beets and greens on the house (nice guy, Kevin - seriously - happy to talk about his food, his kitchen, his neighborhood) - ordered some brioche with a perfectly poached egg, crab and spicy sauce - oggled the other entrees (duck, octopus, beef short ribs, eggplant) but weren't hungry enough to partake (did toy with getting some chocolate or hazelnut pudding for a quick sweet bite, but... time was getting away from us - this was not a planned "stop in", and... as is the case lately, we are not spontaneous people anymore). Nice place. Interesting crowd. Menu is on a chalk wall and changes every few days. Entrees reasonably priced - anywhere from $10 - $23 or so - appetizers all around $8. Nice size portions - all very fresh. These guys are passionate about their food and their atmosphere (very nice -upscale feel - long communal tables - great lighting - huge windows that look out on Penn and right at Dance Alloy's building - beautiful kitchen and bar - and... there is a loft-like second floor). Go, go, go. We are definitely going back.

All in all, a good night, eh?

Photos: My view from my happy kitchen bar seat at Salt (of the Earth) - hubby's big plate of food ("second supper", as he called it, hobbit- style ;-), sent to Olivia to entice her to join us at one of these palate-expanding establishments one of these days :-) - and.... self-portrait on Penn....

Quick closing note: A large number of Fisher Price recalls recently (some popular toys). Info. here.

Olivia's first homecoming dance tonight. Wish us luck ;-).

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