26 October 2010


I'm not back... just offering a quick fyi to you locals...

Worth a read... some attempted lurings of kids at bus stops, etc. in the city and 'burbs. Police are taking it seriously enough to meet on it. Scary - particularly with Halloween on the way and kids running around at night.

Photo: Olivia's end of season field hockey party last night (which I DID attend to repay the injustice of not being able to chaperone the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre trip with her class on Friday).... Lil hangs with the girls (and Milo ran around the room while Daddy chased him, unfortunately, not before he disrupted the entire presentation - Enzo ate pizza and said he was tired - oh well, at least no one was screaming at me for picking the wrong jacket for them to wear or for putting the straw in the vanilla milk before I handed it to them and other SUCH horrible mommy mistakes, right? ALL I usually hear lately is screaming, fighting, hitting, toys being thrown, me being told I am a "bad mommy" - frustrating, so..... it was very nice to just have to sit and / or chase and / or keep chairs from toppling and / or make them eat what they took from the buffet, without benefit of plate, washed hands or silverware - ALL without risking life and limb or having to lose my voice trying to shout over the raised voices and cracking bones that I experience at home - and I have had a recent bloody nose and chin bruise trying to bust up a couple scuffles - not to mention the lingering cough and sore throat that is either aggravated by or prolonged by the constant reprimanding. Who knew kids could be this scary at times? Oh well - it is Halloween, right?).

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