08 October 2010

Time with E!

OK - so we're both sick (coughing, sniffling, dabbling in fevers), but... at least we get to spend some time together today - me and my Enzo. I get a lot of one on one with Milo - a lot with Lil - with high schooler, Olivia (the "teen"), it's different - she is articulate, able to interact with me even on quick outings, but.... Enzo.... all we get now is a ride home from school - during the first week, maybe a quick hot chocolate, but.... we're so busy now, all that has changed. I have to say, his is the only class I can help in, but... I do truly work with the rest of the students so it is not technically one on one. Anyway... today is also his six year old well check-up, which, again, I cannot believe (I have a clear memory of undressing newborn Enzo in the doctor's office and laying his little cowboy Gymboree onesie and striped stretchy newborn pants on the table then wrapping him in the matching blanket to wait for the doctor - and this is pathetic, but I will bring that little book that records his height and weight for them to fill out today too - even though he's no longer a baby). Six sounds so old! Though... when I look at him, he is still so small compared to the big kids in the school - he still has those big, trusting, innocent green eyes - and he still asks all the little kids questions, calls me "mommy", is still trying to figure out how to hold the pencil right, still eats his morning cereal out of those brightly colored plastic IKEA kids bowls with giant spoons, still calls for me at night and wants to cuddle under the big comforter. Anyway.... here are some images from his birthday (which I blogged about earlier). I take the same photos every year and really just marvel at how much they grow but... at the same time.... still look the same - my four cupcakes ;-).


TKW said...

Happy 6th birthday to E, with the soulful eyes!

AngryBaker said...

Maybe we could put books on top of them? Surely there must be an effective way to stunt their growth?