27 October 2010

Take a moment.

Every morning this week has been full of beautiful, bright, multi-colored autumn light. Damp leaves, bright skies, gorgeous colors on all the trees. As my kids go off to school each day, I have been trying to step outside, take a breath, soak in the color, the smells and that light - that unusual, glowing light. And.... as I stand on my deck with coffee, in my front yard ankle deep in fallen leaves, I try to calm myself, slow a bit and think on my lovelies and their enthusiasm as we read Halloween books, their appreciation (my teen digs this) when I announce that we can, indeed, do Chick Fil-A for dinner :-), their sweet, sweaty little hands as they try to rub my neck (mommy has been lifting and moving and organizing lately ;-) or the look on their faces as they "help" me around the house or outside. I do love them - everything about them - the rough, the easy - all of it. Helps to remind myself of all the good for even just a few minutes each busy day.

So.... it's my favorite time of year AND I am back to being multi-media girl again (film and video and photos and slide shows and journaling and.....) plus my freelance editing / writing project may officially kick off today, so.... again - forgive me IF I do not post for a while (though I might - never know when the feeling may hit me) OR if I post haphazardly like I did today :-).

Enjoy it all, everyone. This season is the best.


Sue said...

This is my favorite time of year, too, because it's my mom's birthday and all that gorgeous, golden light on the leaves, and the sound of the rain...oh, you said it better than I can, but I totally agree, Sherri.

AngryBaker said...

I enjoyed looking at the posted artwork on your doorstep today. My kids love taping stuff in the window for the world to see.

I need to get out and take some pictures of all of the fall colors before it's gone.