20 October 2010

It's a Nanna!

I took Lilliana to get her picture taken today. She has grown so much in a year and a half that the girl who photographs her on special occasions for us actually teared up a little. And.... as I look at the photos myself from today's session, I have to admit - she does look like a little girl. She still needs a sippy cup like a wee one - she still waves to people like a baby - she's toddler-like in that she can still be unstable on stairs, may not know her birthday or how old she is - and... that baby talk - that sweet babble that means she is still my baby Lil. But she does look older. I photographed her myself on the porch stairs when we got home, and... in this beautiful fall sunlight - her dark hair blowing in the breeze - her face more defined now, not as chubby as the baby face, chin more defined, eyes that know where they want to look and when, a telltale sign that she's developing her own way, her own mind - she does look like a little girl ready to take on the world. Geez .... just days from her third birthday, and I'm only just now noticing all this.

So today went well. My feisty, defiant Lil - my cuddle girl - my twirling dancer - my little one who asks us often for tea parties (Want some tea party?) and play time (Mommy / Daddy, will you play wis me?). Now to plan all the pink and princess-stuff that comes with her birthday each year ;-).

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