07 October 2010

Field Hockey Practice

Ok - this was literally seconds before I was almost beaned with a field hockey ball as Olivia and friends fooled arou... I mean .... practiced passing :-) last night on Winchester Thurston's field.

Stay healthy, everyone. I have something horrible - have coughed until my chest hurts - throat also killing me - had low grade fever that broke during the night ... Yuk. I coughed and coughed all through Top Chef Just Desserts last night (which, btw, was a wild ride....) - sent in a Whole Foods quiche for teacher breakfast today... just couldn't bring myself to bake or cook last night (also did not want to cough into it :-).

Pretty day today.

In closing, here's a little story on a Peruvian writer (hubby was born in Lima) who just won the Nobel Prize for literature - interesting man.


TKW said...

My girls both have that creeping crud. It's Hackville USA over here. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better!

AngryBaker said...

Ugh - sorry to hear the cough has settled in. I'm wondering just how long it will take for mine to completely go away. Spring?

Sherri said...

Yeah - remember when I said I was getting something - but not full blown??? Out of nowhere - this cough.... Anyway - kinda sad that my stomach and chest muscles are sore from coughing.... gotta get back on those workouts :-).