21 October 2010

Campfire Dinner

So we tried out the new firepit last night - made burgers - did a few marshmallows for good measure (this will be the s'more station for our Halloween party / Lilliana's 3rd b-day party on Sat). The boys are always so proud to be involved and helping - campfires and burgers also get the teen on board with family fun (and she even helped with dishes - so what if some dirty dishes got loaded back into the dishwasher with clean dishes - the effort was there) - and Lil? Well... she's just always happy to be along for the ride regardless.

We are in recovery mode here. Milo was home early from school yesterday with a fever relapse so Lil and I missed lunch with Daddy and poor Milo just wanted to sleep. Enzo has been coughing and seems to have developed another really snotty, runny nose, so he was weepy and whiny this morning. Olivia is crazed busy - working on a Social Studies project (she'll take the PAT bus home today - attended a borough council meeting the other night) - wrapping up field hockey - and dealing with student council (another meeting last night) - PLUS another Homecoming Dance (Central Catholic's). And Lilliana... poor Lil has missed a few morning outs and ballet classes due to her illness AND everybody else's, BUT she did sleep soundly last night (so soundly that we have wet sheets today - a little pull-up mishap). Hubby and I missed the New Pornographers Tuesday night because of "parent duty" and have YET to get to a movie just the two of us (and I missed a PTG meeting last night - am having trouble scheduling a meeting with my new freelance client, etc.). Just glad we are, like I said, on the road to recovery.

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TKW said...

Campfire dinner is awesome. I'm sorry about the sickies, though. We've got them, too.