29 October 2010

Halloween anyone?

Are you ready? I am. Costumes? Check. Pumpkins carved? Check. Candy purchased? Well... almost ready.

Today? "The smiley cookie place" (yes, Eat n Park - don't knock it - good milkshakes, breakfasts and diner - ish entrees - local organic produce at salad bar - very reasonably priced and "just fine" kids menu - besides.... my kids looooooove it - aside from picky Olivia but poor freshman had school today - albeit in my super cool, aforementioned "Dance Caravan '83" t-shirt) - Home Depot for bedroom paint (get ready for more chaos) and.... pumpkin carving (Olivia getting her pre-homecoming - yes, another one - nails done, so.... we saved her one for old time's sake :-).

Happy weekend. I am still, basically, on break ;-).

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