16 October 2010

The Pumpkin Farm!

We finally made it - amidst soccer and field hockey and weekend grocery shopping. Every year it is Harvest Valley - every year we buy too many pumpkins - every year we load up on apple pie, pumpkin roll and local honey (helps with those environmental sensitivities / allergies - and... tastes good in tea and coffee :-). This year, we also climbed bales of hay - we actually took a hay ride - and.... we know how to navigate all the straw / corn stalk mazes better than we have in past years.

More photos to come. Enjoy the beautiful sky in this one. More memory jogging and waxing romantic and nostalgic to come too ;-). In the meantime, do you guys have a favorite place? Do you do the pumpkin thing every year (and I know some of you have already shared snippets of your stories with me via Facebook or email)?

Enjoy the weekend!

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