25 October 2010

Happy belated birthday, Nanna (my "lollygagger" :-)!

So ... we celebrated Lilliana's third birthday on Saturday with a big costume party blow-out bash. The kids played in the fallen leaves, climbed the "tree house", smashed a candy-filled pinata to pieces (thanks to Enzo for that :-), ran around for a scavenger hunt and made s'mores by the firepit while the adults chatted, drank mulled cider and ate chili. Lilliana enjoyed attention from older girls (at one point, all these pink tulle-clad little girls were in my Nanna's room where she was just soooo happy), and she ran about and played like a "big girl". Earlier in the day, we had her open a bunch of flowery-wrapped presents and blow out the candles on a buttery, chocolate-iced cake. A great day.

I have so much to say about my little girl - too much to put here right now. I will say, though, I do love watching all my kids go through these wonderful stages. Currently, Lilliana is in her "terrible twos / threes" tantrum stage, but.... there are also such nice things about this stage. For one, she is a "lollygagger" (just like her Mommy was). I remember my Mom and Dad often telling me not to "lollygag" - a term I've taken to mean "wandering, daydreaming, stopping too often to smell the flowers" :-). And this TRULY describes my cupcake completely! Many memories come to mind of her wandering slowly down the walk outside her brothers' school, picking treasures like berries and dandelions (which we, of course, keep and store in our van to show Daddy and Olivia), waving to "goggies" (doggies) or smiling coyly at me as she swings her arms and walks at a snail's pace wherever we might be going - the playground, the school..... I will remember these walks forever. I will see her forever in my mind, walking towards me - her little pie face lit up with that craggy smile - her tiny little body and baggy pants - her wild dark hair. Love it.

I am full of memories today, and... full of apologies as well.... for not writing in a couple of days. I have, however, been to the Apple Store, updating my iPhoto - organizing old, total "walk down memory lane" photos and getting organized. A good thing, but... something that will keep me from my blog for a little bit. So... I'll see you in a few days, and... I leave you with this bit of advice (grain of salt - remember, I am nostalgic today ;-).... Call, write, email, visit, get together with old and new friends when you can. I had two friends from my past in town this weekend - one was someone I worked with at an Internet company almost ten years ago (though, L - did we have trouble describing where we worked last night or what? Back in the day of "Internet incubators" ;-); we talked about how so many moves, kids, etc. later, it still felt like we had just seen each other yesterday. The other was a college friend who now works as a comedian in NYC, but... we missed each other (I didn't get his messages until late and got tied up at home with family stuff and sick-ish kids - hubby disappointed because he heard he was hilarious - and I guess I can vouch for that :-). Anyway.... nice to at least hear from and / or reconnect with people (thanks, S, btw, for the email rants :-).

Anyway ......


TKW said...

Love that picture of her--happy birthday to your little lollygagger! Glad she has time to smell the flowers.

Facie said...

The party sounded lovely.

And good luck with the photo organizing. I started to do that about a month ago, stopped, then started again. I really need to create an album for each of the past three or four years (or however long it has been since I stopped using a regular camera).

Anonymous said...

I'm having some nostalgic days myself right now . . . it must be something in the autumn air. Good luck with your photo project--I'm actually starting my yearly photo album updating project, which is MASSIVE and has me completely intimidated. =)

Leslie said...

Sooo lovely to see you! Yes, that little internet incubator job was my segue into my life as a stay-at-home mom, and is such an anomaly in my work/career history that I don't even know how to describe it! So glad we became friends through it, though. And now we have some good stories to tell, right?

Happy Birthday to Lil from a fellow lollygagger!