27 May 2010

Two things... and I will NOT let one ruin my day ...

Starting with something positive.... Thank you to my wonderful, sweet mail carrier who saw that my little Lil was coming home the other day with a skinned knee (my little drama queen cupcake spent the rest of the weekend being carried from place to place - to her dollhouse - to lunch - to the couch, etc.) and gave her a baggie full of delicious gingerbread cookies to make her feel better. SUCH a nice thing to do. Not many people are willing to reach out to strangers anymore. Although - as members of the same community, we should be doing that everyday for one another. Anyway.... what a great, supportive gesture. I meant to mention it earlier.

OK - Now - so the Pro-Life protesters with nothing better to do than stand where young, impressionable, innocent, preschool-age children going to the store or to lunch with their parents can see them should remember to - First, not show such graphic images (and - were they 8 feet tall? Ten feet? Doesn't matter - my kindergartner coming home from his fun, positive, end of year school show was near tears and will now have nightmares) to a presumably G-rated audience. I'm assuming you people are the same people who pontificate on the corruption of youth and the excessive violence, sexuality, etc. in society. I guess it's Ok then to show mutilated babies - AND pass them off as photos of early termination pregnancies. They are not - obviously. These are near full term babies who have been subjected to other horrible medical procedures and probably for reasons, obviously, not decided upon by parents but probably sadly impressed upon them - either late-term pregnancy issues or other awful problems OR - these photos are the result of some illegal procedures, which is a different matter entirely - AND agree or disagree, I still would not drag kids into it - and I mean like, again, kindergartners and preschoolers - inappropriate no matter how you look at it. Doing this makes light of other people's pain and it exploits the young lives lost to such tragedies. Second - and I say this neither Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice - please UNDERSTAND what you are protesting and what you are presenting. I respect everyone's opinion. I do not respect uninformed, ignorant propaganda enthusiasts with, obviously, no regard for the community they are trying to save. Pathetic. Thank you - you idiots at Edgewood Towne Centre have done nothing but hurt people today. Nothing else. Well... you did get me to mention it.... and maybe that is your ridiculous method... who knows.... I had to say something....

OK - AND I will also END on a positive note.... I got a shoe coupon today for DSW. B-day coming up (so happy, happy to all you other fellow Geminis :-). I love shoe coupons :-). Besides... the sound of my Enzo and Lil outside playing "zoo keeper" and tag with the neighbor kids AND my Olivia and Milo making cupcakes together in the kitchen - it's just like music to my ears... if you like music that involves a lot of yelling and mixer sounds, that is. So there ;-p.

I've even included some photos: Lil on a walk - just down the street - with Daddy... this afternoon. See... all good. My rants are harmless ;-).

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