19 May 2010

Graduation Recap

Ok - so the three pictured here were up laughing and texting and looking at yearbooks and goofing around.... all night long at my house :-). We returned from Dunnings in Regent Square (thanks, George, for pulling it all together for us - love having such support when you need it in your own 'hood :-), having just left friends and neighbors there for the post-graduation party (and the ceremony was so nice - could not believe these kids were finally "the 8th graders" - could NOT believe it... and... had my Dad's ring on, per usual - needed to feel him there - he would have been so proud of Olivia). It was so much fun. The kids were happy with chicken and fries (although, I'm a former vegetarian, so my co-planner and I - thank you, thank you, Lynda - were mindful of our class vegetarians - kids today ;-) - we had a beautiful spread of pastries and cookies (thanks Gina and Julie) - people who had known one another for years were talking and laughing over wine and homey food. It felt good.

Way after midnight, once home and winding down, I went outside to put some riding toys away and check the potted plants, and I looked up at our house from the brick patio out back, knowing I had three happy girls - close friends forever - in the one lighted window - my little boys and their glowing fish tank in the other - and... hubby lying fireside with our little two year old (who insisted on falling asleep on the couch for the babysitter) somewhere beyond the dim light shining through the screen door in our kitchen. I said Olivia was a lucky girl yesterday.... but I think I'm really the lucky girl. Really.


Kim said...

Love the way you put into words your thoughts about the lights on in the house. Touched!

Sherri said...

Do you ever do that? Look at lighted windows and wonder what's going on there (and not in a creeper way - but just a "looks cozy - can see lights, tv - whatever - in there" way). I used to play that little game with myself driving home from my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve - like what kind of party or holiday thing is going on in there :-)?