11 May 2010

Another "boring" ;-) recap.

Well ... not too boring. It is just a day, after all.

Fantastic time at Olivia's lacrosse game last night (despite CHILLY temperatures) - saw and talked to friends I haven't in a while - watched the girls play SO WELL.

Had a little one on one time with Enzo when I picked him up from Reading Club at school - though he said he "wasn't feeling well" (usually means he was afraid to use the potties at school). We did some quick shopping - I put on a favorite movie of his, Ratatouille, in the car, and.... we just tooled around and talked (bought milk, returned library books, got some stickers, a balloon).

Feeling guilty about my poor little Milo. For the past week now, he has been begging me to play with him, asking again and again, "Are you done with your work?" And... I do grab little snippets of time to play with him, but, truthfully, I have been busy with this editing / ghostwriting thing (almost done - this week! hurray!). Milo is just such a volatile but, alternately, SUCH a sweet boy (very sensitive - tears well up in his eyes over the smallest things - we have to be careful because Olivia was always so tough - and Enzo so laid back - we could joke with them, tell them to wait a minute, etc. - no prob). It makes me feel bad because he does have these tantrums and requires some discipline (to the degree that we have to hold him down while he thrashes, threaten to take all sorts of privileges away, sometimes he hurts me or himself - awful - hope he grows out of it), so... I feel like when I have my sweet boy, I need to cherish it and really nurture that side of him. Anyway...

Lil up at 3:30 am last night - ready to play (had gone to bed too early - missed dinner, etc.). She also started coughing, which made her throw up - really bad - all over me (who was with her downstairs - can't have her disrupting the schoolkids upstairs), the couch, the floor. I was scrubbing at around 4:15 am - finally got her to try to sleep again at 5 am or so. Anyway... I am extremely tired (and ALL this editing work to do today :-(. Needless to say, she is still asleep (and actually looks pretty cozy - fireside in a tangle of blankets on the couch), so I am going to selfishly grab some tea time for me :-).

Plans to meet hubby this am - though if Lil is sick, no "morning out" for her. Everyone left the house free of anxiety. Hubby running late - primping, brushing teeth, so.... to make sure Olivia didn't panic (another BIG exam day - and I did just get a call from her saying I need to bring her science dvd to school - whoops), I ran everyone outside with lunches, backpacks, breakfast "on the go" in hand, and locked everyone into carseats, started the car (and heater - brrrr...).

Have a good day. And I mean that.

Photo: A study in Milo (another from Libby). My beautiful boy.


Linda Pressman said...

Sherri, my son also had tantrums just like you describe, I swear till about age ten. Now he's just more passive/aggressive about them (at 14), knowing he's too old to thrash around on the floor, but he mutters under his breath, hovers and tries to intimidate, etc.

I think I broke the tantrum thing by giving him "slips" that he had to work off each time he did something bad and before he could get back TV, video games, etc. The larger the transgression, the greater the number of slips, but not so many as to be onerous. He hated them but he respected the system.

Sherri said...

I think that is the point I'm hoping to get to. Currently, he seems to have no remorse - or, if he does, he tries hugs and kisses to "make up", but... will repeat that behavior again. THANK YOU so much for your input. It helps to hear these success stories. My pediatrician and Milo's teachers say to be patient..... and all these techniques will begin to work.... I forget sometimes that he just turned 4. It is rough, isn't it? I'm sure you remember clearly ;-).