28 May 2010

Best of the Bede

Today was Best of the Bede - a big school party - and my fundraiser. I hoped for a safe and rain-free day, and the weather gods obliged me. I was, for the record, the crazy person colorfully adorned in the purple skull and crossbones t-shirt - just in case my volunteers couldn't find me ;-).

With the big stuff that has been occupying my life lately behind me, I am now free to think about what I want to do for fun over the next few months (summer :-). So... here's a little something on my mind: If you're U2 fans, like we are in this house, here's an interesting tidbit about Bono and a back injury that is, at least, postponing the US tour (hope it's not canceled - has been a while since I saw them - think I was like 8 months pregnant with Milo last time - freaked the ushers out as I careened on the edge of the balcony and stairs trying to find my seat :-).

And on a lighter note.... we are supposed to have sun and no rain all weekend. Hello, pool at Edgewood Club! And... in keeping with the lovely weather theme, my Milo picked me a flower yesterday after Enzo's end of year show (during which Enzo waved at and pointed to me the whole time :-) - big sis, Olivia, looking on the whole time from the audience) - he picked it outside the school - in typical, thoughtful "Milo style" - roots, dirt clods and all :-).

One last thing ... whoever put the Deceptively Delicious book by Jessica Seinfeld on my porch this morning - thank you, but... I don't know who you are :-). I have talked about my challenges in getting Milo to eat ANYTHING healthy to so many people, I cannot think who it would be. Anyway - very thoughtful - thanks again, friend.

Photo: Me - as recently photographed by Milo (he is figuring prominently in this post, isn't he?).

In closing ..... thank you Olivia and friends for your help this morning, and.... so glad my sweet Enzo had a good time with his friends (his last day today :-). Thanks to hubby too for running soccer and t-ball a bit.... tres helpful :-). Thanks to all of you, friends and fellow Bede parents & teachers, for helping today - truly a successful event.


Mendy said...

Glad it was such a success and that the rain held off. We heard all about it at dinner time - lots of fun:) thanks for your hard work.

Sherri said...

It looked like E was having fun! I'm glad he enjoyed it -very calm this year too....