10 May 2010

This week.

Olivia has intense finals all week - half days for her. We have a meeting with Enzo's kindergarten teacher on his progress - am hoping we are not pressed to make our "big decision" regarding whether he goes to first grade or not on the spot. Going to try and get Milo to do some kung-fu classes with me - such natural talent - such reluctance to leave me in the waiting area. Finally getting a new video camera to continue capturing Lilliana and her sweet baby self (though the iPhone has served us well lately - convenient - nice,close footage).

Grateful to my family for my photos and treats yesterday. In awe that my boys were mindful of being "good" all day because of Mother's Day. Thrilled with Olivia's photo collage she made for me. Happy that Lil got to spend time outside while Daddy finished all his yard work, etc.(and, important to note that I am grateful to hubby for the wooden planting bins that he made for my herbs and veggies to grow in safe, organically treated soil :-).

Photo: The brothers (who I enjoy watching because of their constant support of one another - their special closeness. When Milo was tiny, Enzo called him "Baby" and would talk for him. One quick "yeah" from Baby and Enzo could tell us what he wanted for lunch, if he needed to be changed, etc. Enzo would also direct him - "You put that cup in your cup holder, Baby" - "It's time for bed, Baby." I miss hearing about "Baby" :-).


joely said...

You will have to tell about your Mrs Eddy meeting. I just love her, she is the quirkiest person I know. Sounds like you had a nice mothers day. I did too. I know what you mean about taking pictures, I do not think I took neearly as many of Fran. Poor kid. There are albums and albums of Gwynn. Too bad I loose all the phone pics.

Sherri said...

Mrs. Eddy never liked Olivia, so it was a hard couple of months for us back then (Mrs. K - eternally grateful for her) - though I like Mrs. Eddy personally too - have had some great conversations with her. She likes Enzo, though - but... from day one thought he was too young - though Mary and others agreed that he was beyond preschool. Anyway, we put him in K with the intent to have him repeat. However.... all year, we hear from everyone how well he is doing - fast learner - self-sufficient, etc. We can tell, though, that he is way "younger" socially than other kids in there (AND some are OVER a year older than him, so....). Anyway - great class - tempting to be swayed to send him on, but.....

Yeah - I LOVE photos - have thousands in iPhoto - albums and albums of Olivia (and Enzo - poor Milo and Lil - though I'm trying to make up for it now - photographing them while big kids are at school) - lost of loose photos in organized boxes. It gets overwhelming, though - this digital age has turned me into a photo fiend.... I'm out of control.