01 May 2010

Swimming Lessons

I INSIST that my kids learn to swim. I don't even care how they learn. I gave Olivia intense, constant swimming classes - dunked her underwater myself - took the opportunity every vacation, every visit to the pool - to TEACH her myself if necessary (after all, I swam on team, took diving, passed lifesaving, can still do butterfly if pressed :-). As a result, she took her deep water test at age 5 or 6 - began swimming on a team at 7 - and has enjoyed her water time ever since. I see other kids who can only swim around underwater with big goggles on - or doggy paddle - or hang on the side of the pool, and I feel sorry for them.... and I worry about them. I mean, I'm sure they're learning, so I guess I should say.... I hope they're progressing. Kids need to learn to swim!

So.... off we went this morning - me and Enzo (he is taking a class - since he responds to a group - Milo will take private because he kinda dunks himself anyway and I can supplement instruction to that - and Lil shows interest so we'll take a class together this year - or I'll give her private lessons). So... Enzo was in Level 1 today at the famed Woodland Hills Aquatic Team (WHAT) headquarters (WHHS). He did well - floated on his back - kicked while being held - jumped in - cheered his classmates on. We did have a few tentative weepy / clingy moments that passed, but... all in all - good. We are on our way!

Planting a cherry tree today (hello sour cherry pie, choc /cherry bread, cherries with walnuts - in salads - I LOVE cherries). I know it will drop fruit, and I know it will attract some bees, but... I have such great memories of our cherry trees in Michigan (and our apple tress in Ohio - maybe another summer for apple :-).... helping my mom bake and cook - the pretty flowers, etc. I don't know... something about finally having a fruit tree in my yard again makes me happy (and Milo, too - who had come home from school on Earth Day and announced that we needed to plant a tree). In fact.... we are planting a lot today - digging, digging... Bubbles and water table for kids .... big pile o 'dirt for us :-).

Photo: Enzo and Milo on the way to swimming class end of summer last year. Silly boys. We'll see what this year brings ;-).

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