17 May 2010

Dork Clothes (and some non-dork moments :-)

Yes - I am getting rid of all my dork clothes this week (because, every now and then...I am tempted to put them on - oh, I'll just run to the store in my shabby sweatshirt with the neck cut out a la 1983 like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance - cuz, yeah, I did look up to that fashion trend at one time in my formative years - or - put on my baggy Levis, bought when I had first had one or all of my babies and needed something huge to wear comfortably until I was healed and the weight gone - of course, now, I have to use one of my husband's belts or a scarf to cinch them tight enough around my waist.. ugh). All my college sweatshirts with holes in them - my complimentary t-shirts from 8Ks run years ago - some of my old dance clothes like ballet sweaters and leg warmers that I do not use anymore... Some will hurt to see go - other stuff will leave welcome space in my armoire.

Lil alternately sitting on steps eating peanut butter and climbing all over me (I was not feeling well yesterday so.... smell of pb kinda getting to me this am - I am admiring her layered wooden bead necklace look this morning, though ;-)... Milo snuggled up in big chair, playing his Didj (still a little under the weather). Enzo off to school with Daddy today - excited for Reading Club and piano. Olivia gets to sleep in - no school for 8th grade today (only nail appointments :-). My partner in 8th grade event planning and I got all of our gift photos framed and wrapped for the class yesterday (after a gauntlet of photos sized wrong - grad dress shopping - and a grade school scuffle while playing outside). I have many fundraiser t-shirt orders to count and a book summary for my client to write today. Plus - I think hot chocolate is on our agenda this am (cuz, as Milo said, it's raining outside).

Happy that we finally got our St. Bede church pew refinished and sitting in our front hall. It looks great. I remember when we bid on it and got it at the school fundraiser dinner a few years ago, Olivia was thrilled. It was removed from the church when it was renovated and was in a little disrepair. The sad state of the pew made her a little sad (she was in 6th grade, I think); she said, "Please fix it. I remember sitting on them every school mass..." She trailed off, and I knew, then, she was savoring and feeling a little 11 year old sentiment for what, one day, would be one of those tactile memories that take a looong time to fade - if they ever do fade. So - here it sits - a little piece of her childhood memories - in time for her big graduation :-).

Thank you, everybody, for your words of encouragement and support regarding my decision to keep Enzo in kindergarten. Meant a lot that you took the time to comment, email, etc. Thank you - thank you!!!

Also, visit Joely at Neverending Story (see my blog list); she has a recent post that I promise you will conjure some bittersweet memories for all of you. I was able to reflect on something that I had not thought of in years.....

Photo: Fickle Lil (she was very difficult the day of our family photo shoot) runs to Daddy (I have to be mindful not to lose her in the shuffle this week ;-). Precious.

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