30 May 2010

Still resting myself, but... I have a task for YOU :-).

If you've been reading Amy at Callapitter like I asked you to, you will know by now that the treehouse that she is trying to build in her kids' memory (Kate, 6, and Peter, 4, died last year in a car accident - Amy continues on with bravery, love and hope - currently, in culinary school, she is a world traveler AND, hopefully, an urban developer in a sense. Digressing...) is being temporarily halted by protests from, apparently, Regent Square residents (come on, neighbors) AND sharp-tongued, misinformed staffers in a certain city council office. So... please check out the link from my last post - read Callapitter and That's Church - both on my blog list .... AND, email this guy with your support of the project: doug.shields@city.pittsburgh.pa.us

Certainly, we don't want to encourage a mob mentality (because that rarely gets productive results), and... there are actually some valid points on both sides, so.... it would be nice for everyone to send some informed and rational thoughts on solutions, thoughts, concerns to this office.


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