04 May 2010


Seems a neverending to do list around here..... homework, sports, laundry, dinner, yard work. Got the last of the seeds planted yesterday - worked on my freelance and my fundraising - made lemonade with the kids and played outside, grilled out, helped with homework... Worked out well. Hubby travels today so I am on my own for lacrosse, baseball, soccer intramurals and pick up from morning out, preschool, etc. - older two will ride bus. Attached footage of Lil "helping" with the giant pile o'dirt, which we have gotten rid of :-). I would have attached footage of she and Milo playing with bubbles, but.... I was blowing the bubbles and looked like a warthog in the footage. I'm wearing a tight yoga shirt and have a jelly gut that looks like I just had the baby - not that she's two and running around with me (plus the shirt is too tight and flattens my boobs out in this bizarre way - ok... digressing ;-). I had tucked my big, baggy sweats into my tall pink rain boots (we were digging in dirt, after all) and.... just look tacky, schlumpy and awful (shaggy hair, out of style sunglasses, floopy arms - man, when an old gymnast lets her arms go -they go - Hubby just asked me, jokingly, why I wasn't invited to a fashion party going on in NY and I said - that footage! My teenage self would have definitely thrown it away!). Such cute footage, and I ruin it. Oh well. Cranky. Enjoy our "toiler" and her dirt pile ;-) - I love how she is so precise - and this dirt clod goes here - that one there.... And.... note the church pew in the background that we bid on at a fundraiser a few years ago and.... are just refinishing it and figuring out what to do with it. Like I said, we are a little behind :-). Anyway.... loving all the birds singing.... loving all the green (and Milo has noticed the purple flowers blooming outside our front window). Time to go check on the baby squirrel on our deck who seems to have been abandoned. He is timid - but appears lost, hungry and thirsty. He isn't a tiny baby, but he is definitely not full grown. Poor little guy..... video


Burgh Baby said...

How fantastic is it that the weather has been warm enough for playing in the dirt? So cute!

Sherri said...

Oh - and we lika the dirt and mud here! My kids are diggers and climbers :-). Enjoy the weather with your little one!